Hello, World!

I am a son and a father and a husband.

This is not my personal blog.

Instead, this is my attempt to assist other alienated parents, grandparents, or kids with information, resources, and contacts.

The information

I intend will help courts, attorneys, and families know about parental alienation.

The resources

I intend will provide readers capacity and tools to further explore parental alienation.

The contacts

I intend will provide those in need valuable experts to win against the odds.

Again, this is not my personal blog. This blog is in no way connected with my life or my experiences.

I’m simply a father who has seen a three-generation parental alienation campaign.

And that’s all I can or will say about that.

Lesson 1

Stange Law Firm has a web page that succinctly introduces readers to a baseline understanding of parental alienation:

What is Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)?

A definition of alienation is a child who expresses, freely and persistently, unreasonable negative feelings and beliefs (such as anger, hatred, rejection and/or fear) toward a parent that are significantly disproportionate to the child’s actual experience with that parent.[1] This can happen when two parents are divorcing, or when the parents are fighting over custody.[2] Parents may try to alienate the children for various motives, including revenge, power, fear, jealousy, or due to mental disability.[3] Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) has three main elements: (1) rejection or denigration of a parent that reaches the level of a campaign; (2) the rejection is irrational (not a reasonable response to the alienated parent’s behavior); and (3) it is a partial result of the non-alienated parent’s influence.[4] This means that alienation is not just a child having a strong rejection of a parent, or even a child having an irrational disdain for the parent.[5]

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Note that I do not work for Stange Law Firm, nor am I related to in any way agents or employees or representatives from Stange Law Firm.

I’m just a father cut off from my kids.

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