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This group has monthly calls with experts and authorities in parental alienation.
Family Access – Fighting For Children’s Rights

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Our main concern is the children and grandchildren and then the complete family.  Sadly the children and grandchildren who are alienated from family are being treated as pawns and property. They are neither. They are human beings.They should not be regarded as such by their parents or any other family member.  We contend that it should be illegal to use children as pawns or instruments of spiteful behavior in an effort to prevent them from interaction with ALL other family members.  Our purpose and goal is to ensure the preservation of extended, traditional family relationships. In the process of this hell on earth called alienation, we need all the knowledge and support we can get to help our children and grandchildren and then ourselves. To contact us, please email


  • We will work in bringing awareness to people on the subject of alienation and the effects it has on both the children, grandchildren and their families. Alienation is abuse! We will have many of our top experts and professionals regarding alienation in the world sharing information on their own pages here to help you learn more on alienation and other topics regarding alienation. We are also expanding our web site with much more information including locations of support groups in your area, professionals in your area who do have knowledge of alienation as well as blogs by experts and testimonies from alienated family members and also books that can help you on this subject of alienation.
  • To offer international seminar calls with guest speakers who have expertise in the subject matter for that call in giving support and knowledge to alienated family members and professionals who work in the field of alienation. Parental alienation and grandparent alienation and all other family members is hell on earth as too it is for the children and grandchildren dealing with this. These calls are a tremendous help to those going through this and those who work with those who are. There is no charge to any of this as this is a ministry to help those in need and also help professionals in dealing with this. Please join us.


In April 2012, Family Access- Fighting for Children’s Rights was founded by Elaine Cobb who is also president. Elaine herself is alienated from her granddaughter Dare who she has never seen and is now 8 years old and her adult son Bryan who she has not seen since December 26, 2010. Her granddaughter Dare is alienated from her whole side of her daddy’s family. This is why she determined to try in helping make a difference in this abuse being caused to the children, grandchildren and family members. In the beginning, her goal was to help those in the state of North Carolina where the founder  and president, Elaine Cobb resides. In just a short time, Elaine realized that alienation was a huge epidemic which was indeed all over our world. She realized at that time she wanted to do all that she could to help those suffering through this hell on earth. This is her ministry and she charges no one for any of our sources for you. She started the international seminar calls nationwide. In less than a year, she took the calls on an international level. Now Family Access- Fighting for Children’s Rights helps in supporting 36 countries in educating as many alienated family members and professionals in regards to alienation through our international seminar calls. 

We also know one of the biggest ways to defeat alienation is to bring more awareness to those who know nothing or very little about alienation. This website was designed with that in mind as well as giving information to alienated family members to help them know all they can to get through this and one day hopefully be able to see their alienated loved ones. It is also here to help professionals i.e.., attorneys, mental health professionals, judges, legislators, school officials, researchers, writers, child advocates, etc. There is much to learn and we hope to give all as much as we can to help.

Laws must be changed as well to protect the rights of these alienated children and grandchildren to see ALL their family members. Family Access- Fighting for Children’s Rights has worked tirelessly for equal shared parenting laws as well as grandparents’ rights. We will continue in this fight for all the children and grandchildren in our world. Alienation is abuse!!! 

Hello, World!

I am a son and a father and a husband.

This is not my personal blog.

Instead, this is my attempt to assist other alienated parents, grandparents, or kids with information, resources, and contacts.

The information

I intend will help courts, attorneys, and families know about parental alienation.

The resources

I intend will provide readers capacity and tools to further explore parental alienation.

The contacts

I intend will provide those in need valuable experts to win against the odds.

Again, this is not my personal blog. This blog is in no way connected with my life or my experiences.

I’m simply a father who has seen a three-generation parental alienation campaign.

And that’s all I can or will say about that.

Lesson 1

Stange Law Firm has a web page that succinctly introduces readers to a baseline understanding of parental alienation:

What is Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)?

A definition of alienation is a child who expresses, freely and persistently, unreasonable negative feelings and beliefs (such as anger, hatred, rejection and/or fear) toward a parent that are significantly disproportionate to the child’s actual experience with that parent.[1] This can happen when two parents are divorcing, or when the parents are fighting over custody.[2] Parents may try to alienate the children for various motives, including revenge, power, fear, jealousy, or due to mental disability.[3] Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) has three main elements: (1) rejection or denigration of a parent that reaches the level of a campaign; (2) the rejection is irrational (not a reasonable response to the alienated parent’s behavior); and (3) it is a partial result of the non-alienated parent’s influence.[4] This means that alienation is not just a child having a strong rejection of a parent, or even a child having an irrational disdain for the parent.[5]

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Note that I do not work for Stange Law Firm, nor am I related to in any way agents or employees or representatives from Stange Law Firm.

I’m just a father cut off from my kids.